PERSONALITY GUIDES DIVERSITY……unlock the puzzle of the mind.

Personaliity Preferences

Our personalities profoundly govern the choices we make within the structure of the family, the school or an organization. Discover and implement specific education, work or home modifications necessary to honor what individual personalities need!!! UPCOMING Our natural temperament can either intensify or mitigate at risk patterns. Type preferences are significant enough on their own but when combined with other exceptional needs or risk factors they may overwhelm or significantly aid the individual’s progress

Brain Based Research

How we use our brain shapes how it develops. Every word, every TV program, every activity, every twinkie and every stress related situation affects our brain development. Each individual is a complex, developing learning system. Our brain retains its ability to change throughout a lifetime. UPCOMING: The characteristics of exceptional needs are helpful to both parents and educators aiding all to reach their full potential. Learning abilities are a complex interweaving of genes, environment, and brain development. We are all one of a kind.

Mind Maps , Infographics & The Media

From generation to generation our minds are challenged in different ways. The unique quality of the minds of this generation are drawn dramatically to visual learning.  ” Some of the most original thinkers in fields ranging from …science and mathematics to politics and poetry have relied heavily on visual modes of thought….some of the same thinkers have shown evidence of a striking range of learning difficulties such as reading, speaking, spelling… and memory” ( West)

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