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Personality Guides Diversity

PERSONALITY GUIDES DIVERSITY Currently type related articles, internet posts, Chapter groups and type practitioners are asking the following question “Is there a correlation between certain types and a cognitive processing issue or a learning disability ?” For example it is often asked if ESTP’s may be diagnosed more often with ADHD than other types or […]

Hurry Sickness

We are hurrying, running and paying enormous amounts of money to keep connected 24 hours a day. All these new time saving devices have created the world’s newest billionaires but we still have no more time. We run from place to place planning to catch up but we never do , we just buy a […]

The Perfect Study Technique: Mapping the Mind

MAPPING the MIND: The Perfect Study Technique This is an exciting time to be a learner and an educator. Medical and scientific researchers have joined forces with education to give us a much more comprehensive understanding of the mind and how best to help our young people reach their full potential as learners. Medical/scientific researchers […]

Are We Endangering Our Children’s Minds?????

Theorists Have Asked: Are We Endangering Our Children’s Minds????? For decades theorists have been warning us about how we are endangering our children’s minds.  Offered here is no opinion but rather through the words of the theorists we can make our own decisions based on our circumstances and personal situations. Jane Healy in Endangered Minds […]


Temperament People are the school’s greatest resource. They are something that, if treated properly, budget cuts can’t destroy and change in policy can’t defeat. The maximum utilization of the individual differences of people within a school organization is a worthy goal for all its inhabitants and one which is easy to believe in, but more […]

The World We Have Created

  The World We Live In: A Clue to the Misdiagnosis Epidemic For all our advances in education, our increased knowledge and our superior educational assessment capabilities something is still going very wrong. Healy explains “Our knowledge about how to teach has actually improved… I have been around university education departments since the fifties; during […]


Memory When asked about memory students will usually answer they have a good memory or a bad memory. When their parents or teachers are asked about the student’s memory they will invariably describe a good memory or a poor memory again, leaving it at that. To then pursue the discussion rarely takes us any deeper […]

Parents Can Help Students Prep for Exams

  PARENTS CAN HELP STUDENTS PREPARE FOR EXAMINATIONS As students begin to prepare for final examinations parents can become an integral part of the preparation process. According to recent studies the best students are those whose parents see themselves as an important element in their student’s education. There is a high correlation between student achievement […]

Exam Stress

Examination Stress NOTE: The above visual and the following quotes support with expert theoretical opinions what should be discussed in each section ( 1,2 or 3) 1 Active Involvement “…the rough truth holds up that people cannot keep track of very much unfamiliar information at any one time. The number of things that need attention […]