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Parents Can Help

Help Us Help Your Children Research today suggests that parents can help improve their children’s success in school. Many research studies carried out with parents of students who excel in school suggest that these parents are very involved in their children’s learning. The parents of exceptional students “encourage, equip, model behaviors, monitor, stimulate and coach” […]

Parents Can Help( Writing)

Helping Your Student Write   As writing assignments become more difficult, it is hard for parents to remain involved; however, there are many ways parents can help with the writing process. Writing is often one of the most difficult and frustrating skills students must master. Not only is writing a difficult process to master but […]

Alarms for Parents and Educators

“…sarcasm, criticism and put-downs increase abnormalities in heart rate… Allan Rozanski, PhD.(1988) reports in The New England Journal of Medicine that these aberrations are as significant and measurable as those from heavy workout or pre-attack myocardial chest pains.” (Jensen 2000 pg108) “… to be grid locked or tarmacked is to be stuck in place, our […]

Challenging the Set Views of IQ

Challenging the Set Views of IQ “The classic theory of intelligence in its extreme form makes little room for learnable intelligence…To argue the case for learnable intelligence, one must challenge the classic theory” (Perkins p69) Many theorists and educators claim that intelligence is fixed, however even Binet, the father of IQ was cautious and so […]

Limitless Power of the Mind

It is important to share some of the new educational theory that is always in evidence, with our parents , so they understand we remain current but that they also understand which trends we embrace and which trends, professionally, we have concerns about. Parents are often so well read on many education related subjects but […]