loyal, quiet, careful, cautious, concerned, observant, even tempered, emotional, self- contained, gentle, kind, considerate, loving, friendly, agreeable, responsible, loyal to commitments, very dependable, contented, down to earth, skeptical of change,sensitive, common sense, considerate, dedicated, service minded

Overview( general )

*they have a great deal of common sense, they are modest and unassuming

*they believe in working hard, saving, doing what is right—ultimate in dependability
*experience life in a very literal way— they do see everything and forget nothing
*they like the process of working, saving and spending what they have earned ( even their allowance as very young children)
*they like life to be predictable, secure and very stable
*they need to be in control of themselves so they can flourish
*they demonstrate an absolute awareness of the present moment
*they are quiet and very unassuming but because of this they may get taken advantage of——
*they are very thorough— they will notice and follow through on any details
*they have a great deal of common sense
*want increasing responsibility as they age— they feel dependable, they know the rules and will try to follow the expectations of parents and teachers — they want that acknowledged by parents and teachers
*they are willing to be involved in activities they have experienced previously but they need time to decompress—- they need private time and they need to feel restful
*quiet, obedient, practical, and helpful
*they are not very adventurous by nature
*they are conscientious, caring demonstrating personal warmth
*they are very organized,
*have a unique sense of humor— when you get to know them
*they have very strong traditional values or views and they may initially be unable to see a value system other than their own
*need structure and security—- want to know in advance what is going on
*they are very hard to discourage or stop once their minds are made up
*they are not adventuresome or risk takers— parents need to support their need for more support and help when trying new things
*they are avid collectors— they are very careful of their things
*they love traditions,rituals and events that happen year after year or month after month— they feel calmer and more connected with familiarity


*they may freeze in unfamiliar situations
*they often define themselves by what they do for others so putting themselves last becomes an unhealthy pattern
*change is a very difficult concept for them especially when they are young students—once they get a little older and have lived through classroom changes they begin to understand the concept of change a bit more comfortably—

*need comfortable routine and order
*may have difficulty saying no to requests from other people
*sometimes describe themselves as being too serious
*may retreat into silent pre-occupation with their inner reactions
*their need for harmony sometimes causes them to over extend themselves when they can’t say no
*may take on too much responsibility
*have a tendency to internalize anger
*take the blame even if it isn’t their fault
*they often do not overtly express their anger or hurt feelings
*cannot be pushed too quickly or too hard or they will cling to the most familiar path they can call up
*hey are not pleased if directions or plans are left very open ended, vague or if they change for any reason mid- stress


*they are calm, quiet and responsible members of their school or community
*able to show extreme patience to perform detailed tasks
*try to get a sense for the emotions of others
*seek harmony and very structured systems
*they have a remarkable memory for events they have experienced
*they have a high level of sensory discrimination and they show definite preferences for certain fabrics, colors, tastes, textures…
*they are excellent with small motor activities — enjoy play or work that involves their hands and fingers
*they are very loyal and trusting children— they are very eager to please the people they love and respect
*they will try to listen very carefully and try to oblige both their parents and teachers if at all possible
are superb at one to one relationships
*quiet, unassuming, loyal and practical
*very observant children— they notice and remember the beauty, color, or pleasant details of a situation