ISTP Profile

cool, aloof, curious, expedient, serious, self-contained, self-determined, loner, observant, action oriented, independent thinker, realistic, logical, practical, artisan, quiet and detached, risk-taker, ultimate realists, explore, touch, experience, adaptable,spontaneous, pragmatists, laid back, inquisitive-why????, action oriented, crisis orientation,flexibility,serious, self-contained, self-determined, non-conforming, independent thinkers


* intensely reserved, adaptable, curious, inquisitive, logical and observant
* keen sense of personal independence
* superb powers of observation– gathering data and details via their heightened senses
*long periods of observations give them depth of understanding of the world/people around them
*the visible, the tangible, the analytical capture their attention
*they are interested in the logic behind the numbers or the natural world or machinery or the musical score or the team results
*gifted and very exacting at organizing large amounts of data
*superb memory for sensory, practical, numerical or logical details–rarely ever forget what they have observed–they observe &   record sensory impressions in exquisite detail
*love facts they can integrate for a purpose
*often gifted in mathematics or applied sciences
*love to explore, touch, experience, observe, analyze and label the world they live in
*can be excellent mimics– they are often able to identify & imitate facial expressions, body movements, tone of voice …….
*will work on their favorite projects with great accuracy and precision
*energized by freedom, flexibility and spontaneity
*need to state the the exact truth no matter what
*gift of common sense
*prefer to leave things open, unstructured and unplanned
*often the genius behind the machine–digital dexterity–can be gifted sculptors, musicians, mechanics, woodworkers, surgeons
*manually very adept with tools, musical instruments or weapons etc.
*often able to see the most efficient way to do a task– no time or energy is wasted–they are very task and solution oriented
*extreme concentration for their own interests, gifts, hobbies or chosen projects—their intense absorption is exhaustive
*driven by curiosity, impulsiveness and a need to learn by doing–energized by the new, the unexplored or the unexpected
*enjoy getting things decided but in their own time frame
*prefer to analyze their world not run it– no need to impose rules or structure on others or themselves
*have an egalitarian approach even in the midst of a well established hierarchy or authoritarian structure
*often enjoy and participate successfully in activities with a high level of risk–will try almost anything once
*gifted at combining work and play—work often is play leaving no question of time exhaustion
*are extremely compliant IF they know the reasons for the rules
*superb negotiators– everything may boil down to a negotiation–never rush to make a decision–they just wait & see
*don’t need to make things happen their way nor do they wish to make others do as they wish–they will however just gotheir       own way alone
* gift of an independent spirit—the most independent of all types
* receptive patient listeners that love solitude
* slowest of all types to express opinions or judgements


*do not happily respond to restrictions or authority
*want to be free to act spontaneously without restraints
*do not care much for regulations, authority figures or public opinion
*will learn the hierarchy of the family, a classroom or an organization to bypass it
*dislikes routine, deadlines and structured procedures
*will rebel if things are too rigid,inflexible schedules, tight timelines or structures that do not vary
*they feel restricted and restrained by the structure and routine of a more traditional educational system
*if you try to change them they may rebel, resent the imposition or may do the opposite of what was expected
*dislike binding obligations- resist working within narrowly defined boundaries ( time or others rules)
*does want to conserve, plan or organize
*will often follow the path of least resistance–they are not drawn to planning ahead
*don’t feel the need to follow procedures or read directions
*they will stop adapting if one of their principles is violated
*under stress they could become indifferent, unmotivated, indecisive losing any form of direction
*under stress ( when craving more time for their own projects) they may look for the easiest route, take short cuts, cut corners or adopt a haphazard style
** they are their own toughest critics
*are interpersonally very cautious
*are subject to boredom
*will procrastinate leaving decisions to the last minute ( not making a decision at all)
*as a rule they are not often fond of reading, writing or the humanities in general—preferring to play, build, explore, analyze,      experience or calculate
*very seldom show the world the superior workings of their minds
*have difficulty respecting adults who impose what they consider to be ‘silly’ rules
*at times they are so independent and strong willed they can be unwilling to compromise
*their special area of interest will take precedence over assigned tasks
*they are able to concentrate so completely on their own projects or interests that obligations are often abandoned
*often they will not take time to stop and explain—their motto “Just Do It”
*endless reflection with no implementation
*may have great difficulty dealing with failure
*may reflect so long but they may not act
*may be less visible in the classroom
*may be underestimated by teachers
&need to become involved in their own time

Interpersonal Needs ( especially important for understanding the ISTP

more open to new things than new people- interpersonally very, very cautious
don’t tend to be very verbal or expressive — often not fond of talking or writing
feeling is their least developed function however, if feeling is suppressed it can build up pressure and explode in unexpected ways
they are emotionally complex–much joy and much pain–intense emotions
often difficult to predict what their reactions will be–often misread as social indifference
they are so caught up in collecting and analyzing that they are rarely ever aware of others emotions
they retreat when they are worn out
**** listen very carefully when they finally do share personal information—-they may only share something once—if you miss it the opportunity may be gone forever!!!
related to a few very carefully chosen people- very reserved in public but not so much in private with chosen friends or family
will become friendly, enthusiastic, animated and open with those who understand them or have similar gifts or interests
with people they do not know they initially can be passive, distant, cautious & taciturn
they are prone to unexpected bust of humor ( dry) especially with those they trust
very private about their hurt or sad feelings
initially will prefer flexible and impersonal dealings
when his gestures of good will or attempts at kindness go unacknowledged he can become moody, closed, overly cautious or indifferent……
there is a danger that they may be disconnected fro the emotional side of their personality
**** need consistency from the adults in their lives—they will observe them to see if their behavior varies from what they say—- they monitor what people say and then do– they need to match!!
always respect their privacy—don’t push yourself at them–let them make the first move
*** never reprimand or correct them in public–they hate to be the center of attention
make certain their time is not too rigidly scheduled–they need to be able to act spontaneously–need lots of alone time
avoid making appeals based on emotion– this will often fall on deaf ears
help them to learn to praise first and then offer their criticism
help them learn generally accepted social skills
don’t interpret their lack of expression as a lack of affection