devoted, caring, virtuous, idealistic,humane, creative


*they are focused on the future
*from a very early age their emotional lives are rule the personality— emotions can not be ignored or minimized
*value uniqueness more than any other type
*if they don’t like their world they create their own—-imagination trumps reality
*they are dreamers always and everything has some significance and personal impact
*they take almost everything personally—they almost always get their feelings hurt— even remarks not made to be critical cause them pain—they allow resentment to eat away at them—they will not discuss the matter with anyone
*very dedicated to family and people they are closest to
*life long quest for meaning and inner harmony
*they are driven by their deeply held personal issues— they want to make certain their values and beliefs are honored
*cautious, quiet, gentle and sensitive children— need the security of their parents proximity
*need validation of their strengths if they do not get positives they experience self doubt and discouragement
even when they are very young they have very active consciences
*hold deeply cherished values—they can be relatively flexible, resourceful and tolerant IF!!! one of their deeply held values has not been crosses
*creative, random, quirky
*you will know them when you understand their causes
*reticent and shy—express affection indirectly- emotions are held very deeply, intense and personal
*lack of harmony is extremely stressful for them
*work well with complex abstract concepts but get extremely bored with routine details
*may feel they don’t know themselves very well
*deep sense of attachment and loyalty
*they are very connected to victims of injustice
*quiet reserved with those they do not know but they show enthusiasm and warmth to those they know
*their idealism rules every aspect of their lives- they expect too much of themselves and too much of the world— they are often disappointment
*they often expect a great deal of themselves and they very seldom meet their own standards
*they are gentle with those who have no power— they do not however want to gain power or position over others—they care deeply about those they love or are connected to
*very curious and they love new ideas and insights
*funnel their emotional energies to select individuals and especially their causes ( people who are ill, disabled or under duress)—love to rescue friends, family, animals etc.
*need to have their feelings engaged— need everything to have some significance and personal impact
*when extreme feeling is engaged they can appear aloof, indifferent,moody and hypersensitive
*when the N is engaged they can be open, receptive, quirky and fun
*they are often know as the ‘earth mother’ or ‘earth father’— vowed bohemian in nature— will go to self-help groups or encouraging human potential groups
*strong need for authenticity and personal integrity guides everything that they do
can’t do anything they don’t believe in their heart is right
*the INFP need to develop a technique in something like writing, painting or dance in order to translate the hidden feelings into a format that other people can understand otherwise they may remain misunderstood



*they will bend logic at times to make a point or reach a goal
*likely to put off many of their tasks or decisions and seem to be just waiting for a decision or a conclusion to their problem ( hoping it will solve itself)
*they feel like very special individuals with very unique blend of caring skills and abilities
*they search and search for a proper place in the world
*difficulty arriving at firm solid conclusions or making decisions— often as soon as they decide on a plan or idea they begin to doubt their decision— almost always second guessing themselves
*can be discouraged and full of self doubt—easily discouraged-
*they may not persist if they face obstacles
*they may change their original plans rather than struggle with obstacles
*they certainly don’t mind ignoring logic or reality but they have
*difficult to understand the depth of feeling of these children and they may become moody or silent if parents have not understood their point of view
*struggle with emotional reactions to things
*when they hear anything negative they withdraw
*their visions and possibilities are always more exciting than reality
*they are at risk of idealizing other people, needing a hero or perfect partner, friend, parent or teacher
*they need authenticity and self-actualization——a search for themselves begins very early and can be a life long pursuit


*they absolutely need to empower people— feel they need to help others whenever they can ( feel guilt that they have not helped enough)
*they go to extreme lengths to avoid conflict
*they want to include everyone and have a particular skill at making that happen
*they have a sense integrity and honor and core values
*they are able to look behind and beyond the data to identify hidden patterns, possibilities and potential— synthesize all the facts and experiences to scanning for patterns
*their learning gifts are more divergent and open-ended
*want to make the world a kinder, fairer and honourable place
*always alert and searching for intriguing possibilities—they wander and seek new experiences, ideas, *relationships—- seeking ???? don’t know what they are seeking—blind anticipation and expectation —- always on a life’s journey
*openminded ,seeing the big picture— see the value of different opinions
*love a sense of adventure, expectancy and wonder—imagination and creativity
*hyper-sensitive to injustices and the dehumanization or people
*vivid imaginations and often very poetic