funny, outgoing, casual, easygoing, well coordinated, active, improvisers, risk-takers, dramatic, flexible, adventuresome,fearless, ignore rules, fun, clever, to the point, energetic, delightful, enthusiastic, exciting, very adaptable, friendly,vivacious,expressive, straightforward, very expressive


*will go with the flow
*extremely observant
*they are able to tolerate a great deal while maintaining high levels of adaptability
*very practical when they need to get things done and done efficiently
*need to have a firm base in reality and practicality
*take a no-nonsense approach to getting things done
*they seek solutions to problems with great energy
*they are very playful and they want to reach out to the world very early on in their young lives—- they want to experience everything ASAP
*they are fun and easy to be with
*they are very connected to creature comforts and material goods
*they are often able to manipulate their environment to their liking
*they are tremendous risk takers- they just get on with whatever they are doing they will rarely stop to explain themselves or stop to get an explanation
*an exuberant fun loving outlook on life- they are very seldom appear worried or stressed
*they often love mechanical things that can be used— they love to take them apart, put them back together, use them, fix them, improve them
*love to be entertained
*other people complaining can pull down their mood and over all energy levels
*could sell a snow ball to the abominable snow man— they have charm and a determined style when convincing adults of something they want to do
*they are able to look at the reality of the situation, size it up and respond immediately to the need of the moment
extremely resourceful— deal with whatever the situation
*they are extremely charming
*they are often very adventurous and will often take risks in life or in play—love exploring
*definitely independent individuals with minds of their own— they will certainly go against public opinion if they feel it is necessary
*need practical reasons for doing things
*they are excellent trouble shooters
*good at sizing up the needs of the moment and then they operate quickly with common sense and objectivity
their strengths are helpful in unpredictable and changeable circumstances
*like to get physical active ( i.e. medical students will do surgery rather than psychiatry)
*score high on trial and error learning
*material comforts may be a high priority governing some of their actions
*live for the moment
*if their desire for excitement is not satisfied they may be tempted to do things that are not really appropriate
want to grow up so fast— need specific consistent rules
*long before they go to school they have discovered money—they have trouble holding onto their allowance— saving and planning for something in the future is a difficult concept for even the littlest ESTP
*will often play practical jokes on classmates or even teachers



*may not stop to consider the future and sometimes either the fun or the risk taking will take over and the ESTP will not consider the ramifications for long term implications
*they have to be very careful that having adventures and only having fun does not become their top priority
*they may not always be the best judge of character— they have a “will try anything attitude” but that might lead them into experimenting in the wrong venues ( i.e. alcohol,party, skip school etc)
*material comforts may be a high priority that direct and rule some of their actions
*they will not put off the pleasure of today to gain a better tomorrow
*may be attracted to a risk taking group of friends which makes their risk taking even more extreme—-they may not always look beyond the surface of the situation or with their friends
*just want to live for the moment- they will resist making future plans
*they live so much in the immediate moment that they are seen as unpredictable
*seeking too much excitement they may leave their safety in jeopardy
*bottom line thinking can’t compromise integrity
*may get into a bit of trouble if their natural expressiveness if blocked or if their natural way of taking in information if not honored—-
*better showing in life than in school
*they will not put off a pleasure today to gain a better tomorrow
*have difficulty feeling motivated to do academic work unless t hey have well formulated practical goals
*the concept of moderation does not actually exist in the ESTP’s vocabulary
*some educational requirements may seem meaningless and irrelevant to them
*may not be organized in study habits— they need to be convinced of the need
*may be difficult for them to see new ideas, theories and possibilities and immediately apply them to
*parents and teachers just encourage them to pause and think things through before jumping in……….


*they are very easy going and generally very easy to be with
*extremely resilient
*they naturally accept people without judging them
*they are patient and very goodnatured
*gifted with their hands they have superb manual dexterity and speed
*notice very tiny details that others miss they are great mimics with both grace and easy of body movement and facial expressions
*whatever they are doing at the moment they put in all their energy and enthusiasm
*gift for exact facts, machinery or eye-hand coordination
*they accept and use the facts around them nor do they fight the facts
*they have a preference for the immediate, action oriented or the direct
*witty, clever, fun ( sometimes too much fun) but can be fantastic entertainers
*can sell any idea
*charismatic entertainers
*they can be superb problem solvers
*joyfully live every moment to its fullest— they are able to bring others along with them on this exciting and fun ride
*all their gifts are helpful in unpredictable or changeable circumstances
*they are super alert to their environment and to the people surrounding them—- they assess the situation or person very quickly and take a quick action
*they are excellent at sizing up the needs of the moment and operating quickly with common sense and objectivity— *they are able to accept and use the facts around them— they do not fight the facts they just manipulate and use them to their best advantage ( troubleshooters)
*much better showing in life than in school
*especially when young they just sparkle and burst with energy
*very rarely shy away from public speaking—often very capable public speakers
*they have a gift for remembering isolated facts and a large amount of data