confident, strong willed,WHY!!! always asking,daydreamers, imaginative, think on their feet, ingenuity,enthusiastic,
energetic, non-conventional, clever, global thinkers, creative, improvise, adapt extremely curious, insightful,
imaginative, innovative, energy, ingenious, problem solvers, adventurous, alert active, strong & outspoken,fun—-humorous, original thinkers, ideas, inquisitive, charismatic, witty, spontaneous, impulsive, enterprising,
funny, individuality, critical, sarcastic, novelty,complexity, enterprising, energetic, friendly, logical, analytical,


*driven to try and understand everything, they ask WHY? or WHY NOT? of everything
*can be relentless in their pursuit of excellence
*once committed to a project they can charm and convince others to go along, be enthused or participate
*would love to solve the unsolvable of whatever project they are working on
*they have a natural orientation to technology
*they may avoid decision making— they are flexible with their own goals
*love to test or challenge current assumptions in any situation — they may disrupt or shake up the status quo—extremely pleased going from one new idea, to the next, to the next
*always looking for a better way—value competence and understanding
*constantly coming up with amazing schemes
*very quick study—often able to read people accurately/ perceptive about others
*drawn to what is new and different
*always in search of stimulation—the new—the unusual
*will change plans in an instant ( crave change)
*confidence in their own improvisational skills
*will often vocalize a very strong opinion BUT usually adapt to others in the end
*very little effort on projects, assignments and yet they still manage decent marks or at the very least passing grades
*they look to the future— often ignoring the present
*their greatest strength is their intuitions
*make connections among patterns, concepts, people, theories, unrelated data—always formulating new ideas or concepts
*want to brainstorm and discuss and debate ideas with others
*very people oriented—-they often appear gregarious and outgoing- energized by people
*have a driving need to be totally unique ( especially in their teens)
*outwardly exude confidence
*drawn to the complexity of the learning situations they are in
*enjoy a heated debate—- often they will debate both sides of the questions with equal passion and commitment— once the debate is over they move on never taking the heated words personally
*often scanning their surroundings for the newest, clever potentially fun activities
*logical, analytical children
*always questioning— brain is generating ideas and connections constantly
*love to reach out and experience their environment
*lightening quick minds



*they can get caught up/wound up in situations with classmates if surrounded by peers—- they can spend their time *trying to entertain classmates rather than spending the time on classroom assignments
*love an audience sometimes too much
*they can be competitive if they are overtly challenged by either staff or students
*they may be so open and adaptable that they are not able to decide on a plan or come to closure—-one idea after another, after another, after another
*dislike routine and often fight it- may rebel if told how to do things with no freedom of choice
*especially in teenage years they get so busy ( may have difficulty with self-discipline)— they want to experience as much of life as possible more quickly sometimes than their maturity can handle
*may have difficulty completing or bringing all ideas to completion but may rebel if they are forced to make a decision too quickly
*will push ahead- move forward—want to grow up faster- move too quickly—complete quickly to move along to the next exciting idea—-starting is exciting

*at their most extreme they may waste their considerable talents by not committing to anything or not concentrating on tasks or assignments at hand— do not really see the need to plan in advance
*they may feel brighter or superior to their peers, teachers, parent’s or most authority figures they are in contact with
may often need to reign in their imaginative vision to bring something to reality
*may have difficulty respecting the skills of others
*have a risk taking nature and are attracted to dangerous activities
*minds are constantly bombarded with ideas—- sometimes there are so many creative ideas the number of possibilities becomes overwhelming
*are often their own greatest critics
*may not easily show sensitivity and appreciation to others
*may be unpredictable
*may create a crisis to have something exciting to do
*may want no obligations, duties or confining promises—in the midst of a project they may move on when something more engaging comes along
*they very rarely follow standard operating procedures and can be casual and careless with rules and procedures created by others
*their need to try many risky things and experiment at times looks like outrageous behaviours
grave difficulty accepting guidance or criticism from someone they do not respect or someone they feel is incompetent
*can be competitive just for the fun of it
*will challenge the hierarchy or bureaucracy
*they have very little patience with anyone who is not a quick as them— different types— others feel alienated by their all knowing position—may be perceived as being bossy
*if impatient with others they may use their considerable skill with words to make their true feelings known— they often like to shock others
*may be chronically late or be so overburdened by having so many projects they don’t know how to balance the illusive thing called time


*ability to took ahead, see new future possibilities
*performing draws this type, on the stage, racing, sky diving, rock climbing etc.
* ability to articulate new ways to solve a problem with an awareness of the unique and
*new possibilities excellent at motivating others—their creations or ideas often break new ground
*they have a natural objectivity that often allows them to see and argue both sides of a question — natural debaters
*they are often able to solve the unsolvable
*naturally often have excellent learning and theoretical reasoning skills
*they are able to connect the dots between dissimilar pattern, theories and abstract concepts
*even when very young they may display strong entrepreneurial skills ( the lemonade stand, car washing service, *negotiating contracts for all the lawn mowers in the neighbourhood)
*although very intuitive they are able to test their ideas in the real world
* setting high standards, intellectually
* seeing to the heart of complex issues or problems
* grasping the underlying principles, dynamics or laws
* handling crisis situations—-superior negotiating skills
* being ingenious, resourceful and enthusiastic
* using ingenuity to convince others of his point of view
* being adaptable &flexible with the ability to always keep his options open
* taking risks
* quest for competence
* the ability to speak clearly, precisely
* quest for cleverness, competency, self mastery
* quick thinking
* extremely resourceful and innovative
* have a gift for reading between the lines
*have an intense curiosity that may plunge them into life, their passions or many fascinating projects
*ability to negotiate and debate
*superb at multitasking
*they are excellent at projecting what could be/possibities
*will seek new challenges
* imagination goes far beyond facts
* confident in the worth of their many inspirations
* tend to be independent learner ( at least in their passion areas)