dutiful, dependable, reliable, industrious, orderly, continuity,stability, conformity, compliance, obedience and civic duty, predictable, quick, crisp, impersonal, practical,fun/charming, gregarious,capable,down to earth,decisive,
conscientious, energetic, trustworthy, efficient,structured, closure, literal, loyal, dependable, responsible, blunt,
realistic, outgoing, confident, busy, active, talkative, equity, fairness, rules, evaluation, rewards,bold, outspoken, direct, honest,in charge, structure


* doers
*their lives are guided by rules—they believe things are more successfully dealt with using the rules of logic
from a young age whatever they are doing they are probably in charge
*their basic security is connected to punctuality, neatness, organization
*want to be in control ( know that some very capable person is) using the PLAN—planning brings comfort
*focus on their outer world—inspirations come from their immediate surroundings highly decisive—quick to decide
value security and stability—know the rules and follow them
*master tasks and remain objective
*see things cooly, objectively
*logical, analytical & realistic
*honest and direct
*even as very young children they are often leaders in their group i.e. school, their team, their community
aware of what is going on around them—very community and school oriented and supportive
*will enjoy setting goals for themselves fro a very young age-as they age they will want to organize others— keeping everyone on schedule, on time and participating efficiently—checking their checklists
*love tradition—connected to holidays, celebrations
*can accept and follow through in very responsible positions—may get involved in many organizations
*constantly organizing facts, data & people in the environment
*quick to come to a logical conclusion
*natural business minds from the lemonade stand, grass cutting, babysitting, car washing to the corporate board rooms of the largest companies
*enjoy spending time with peers—often choose friends from favourite activities IF they feel prepared they love the limelight— they will perform, sing, speak, act—organize their entire school, team and later an entire company
take a great deal of responsibility for themselves—as teens they will often have part time jobs—- usually targeted for specific purposes—saving for clothing, a car, school…..
*drawn very early to work—they set goals— make them a reality—- very rarely will they make a decision on anything that is uncertain, risky or frivolous
*they are often busy doing what needs to be done, what should be done and what is the right thing to do
joining organizations they see the purpose of


*when writing exams they may go from question 1 – 36 not risking doing questions out of the proper order—they may never leave the sequence to find cues and clues in later questions—may hold back from risking a different writing technique that is less sequential but more efficient
*may need to remain open to possibilities
*their need to be competent and diligent may cause them never to ask for help—teachers and parents need to very attuned and aware of signs of stress and confusion and intercede
*rankings on teams or in classrooms are very important to them BUT may become stressful to them if they are not meeting their own expectations
*can be respected by their peers for their leadership skills BUT their peers may find them too direct at times—they may give unsolicited advice or opinions
*if they think their teachers or parents are just or reasonable they will obey and follow all rules to the letter BUT if they perceive injustice or unreasonable expectations they can be strong willed—
*especially when young they can seem unsympathetic to their feeling friends or the may seem unimaginative to their intuitive friends
*see no reason to change a time honoured way of doing things
struggle with expressing feelings
*their gift for memorizing gets them only so far BUT they may need help to look beyond the logical, analytical to the abstract reasoning, imaginative or non sequential
*anything intangible is rather distressing—undermines the security of their factual world—may naturally interpret messages literally
*if their PLAN is derailed everything stops until an new plan is in place—they love decision making and when they need to change the decision it is upsetting to them
*their decisions are quick, logical and analytical—- very seldom slowed by having 2nd thoughts about the decision—may need to have a 2nd look at times
*mistakes can be very helpful and informative—they need to be convinced of this idea—learning from mistakes must be taught
*take time for reflection— they are action oriented individuals— STOP- REFLECT-RETHINK
may spend too much time on the details or facts of the situations but they may not take time to connect to the whole or synthesize all the facts into the whole
*may be super sensitive to rejection
*they may not always be responsive to the emotions or alternate viewpoints when decisions have been made
especially younger students need to be reminded not to be critical or too blunt with their fellow students or team mates if they are not meeting their standards, the rules or if they break the rules
may take on too much responsibility


* gifted at meeting deadlines
*loyal and faithful to family, friends, their team, school community or club— often the organizer extraordinaire— *love and gifted at setting the procedures that must be followed—even at the lemonade stand
*fabulous student government representative, team leaders and classroom monitors— they believe in the organization and their own gifts to help the cause
*they are willing to spend a great deal of time and energy on the projects they are committed to,the work they are doing in school or the organizations they belong to
*they have a gift for physical intelligence and an excellent skill for using their 5 senses that provide ESTJ clear, detailed immediate input they can focus on—-
*love deciding what should be done-set up procedures to be followed
*more adult related gifts of organization, planning, quick logical decisions,classifying and scheduling—-often moving them to want to work very early in their lives
*very orderly-detail oriented- categorize ideas, belonging, lockers, desks, time, follow routines
dependable— when they begin a task- they complete what is required, keep appointments, commitments— on schedule, on time
*love work/projects that have immediate, practical results
*love deciding what should be done—set up procedures to be followed gift of the T function…..
*base their behaviour on reason ( not emotional appeals)
*practical- if they see no useful application for an idea—not interested
*gifted at monitoring events continually— making certain commitments are honored— tasks completed