communicators, orators, talkers, empathetic, vision, motivators, compliment, benevolent, vulnerable, fellowship, influential, altruistic, persuasive, people oriented, empathetic, tactful, enthusiastic, harmonious, expressive, warmth, natural leader

Overview( general )

*they genuinely enjoy people
*they are exceptional at reading and understanding what is important to other people
*most comfortable when they are able to show their caring and concern for other people—- they will do what is needed to make everyone feel comfortable
*their emotional reactions are very visible and they are able to express those feelings
*they are willing to look for areas of agreement
*great depth of devotion for individuals or causes they have adopted
*they have a strong vision of what ought to be and how people ought to react or respond—they are painfully aware that reality rarely lives up to their ideal
*they are friendly, very responsible and helpful to their parents, teachers and fellow classmates
*they are encouraged and will work forever if praised——- rote learning is often replaced with more in depth studies
have people skills— they have a great interest in communicating
*they set high standards for themselves
*radiate their warmth and fellowship
*their personal approach to life is infectious
*they place a very high value on harmonious human contact
*enjoy appreciating people and tend to concentrate on people’s good qualities
*they are remarkably able to see the value of other peoples opinions
*sensitive to praise or criticism
*warmed by approval— enjoy admiring people— they should concentrate on those qualities
* they have the gift of expression— may use their gifts speaking to audiences
*extremely responsible displaying a great deal of empathy for their families, friends and favorite causes
*they have a high need for social interaction almost from birth
*when very young they are often sunny and happy wanting to gain a positive  response from others as soon as they are able


*they enjoy engaging with others so much that it is sometimes difficult for them to come to the point
*they have a very early depth of insight into other people BUT they often are troubled about what they may be too young to fully comprehend
*may not acknowledge situations that fall short of their ideal vision ( especially with other people they value)_
*may idealize their friends or carry a great deal of guilt for a relationship that is not working— they can be very disappointed if their ideal does not work
*they may need to pull back sometimes from taking all the responsibility and let their friends help or nurture them
if they connect with someone they may idolize them to the point of making them uncomfortable
*can be overloaded by personal problems—family and emotionally charged personal relationships play havoc with this types ability to cope
*need to make things right before they can successfully function in other aspects of their lives
*at the beginning of a friendship they can be blind to any flaws in the situation
*they need to try to see themselves as human not superhuman
*encouraged not to avoid feelings— they can be deeply hurt when relationships are neglected
*may sweep problems under the rug
*they need to accommodate the feelings and opinions of others at all possible costs— this can cause them to get overloaded
*they often believe they are understood and that their ideas or communication is understood regardless of the reality— they expect others to follow along but sometimes they are leading the parade and no one is following


*gifted at being able to connect and identify with other people
*even at a very young age they have remarkable insight into human nature
*they have very vivid imaginations
*they are personable and congenial
*driven by strongly held personal and interpersonal values
*they are socially confident almost from the time they are aware of people
*they should follow their hunches more often than they do
*they are very much aware and in tune with other people’s emotions and inner desires
*they are socially adept— they are very trustworthy and they rarely ever are critical
*gifted at identifying the hurts and suffering of others
*need to find the potential in others and nurture it