intellectual, competence, impersonal, closure, structure, reasoned, insightful, impatient, demanding, innovative, creativity,change, hearty, vision, debate, objective, argumentative

Overview( general )

*have a natural desire to lead—love to help deciding what should be done
*interest in creating, analyzing and changing things
*tendency toward long range planning and structuring tasks
*they do everything in an extravagant way— they are at ease with people and like group activities
*have an impersonal objectivity combined with a desire for innovation and creativity
*like intellectual challenge and complexity
*easily could be strong-willed independent logical children
*they love to know about the future
*they are very comfortable and usually very self-confident in the outer world
*they have a desire for master combined with an energy, interest in activity, a quickness with the abstract and a     strong desire to accomplish whatever they attempt
*they love to direct whatever they are involved with
*they have a curiosity for new ideas and a strong tolerance for theory
*they have a gift for complex problems, insight, vision and concern for long range possibilities and consequence
*they likely become experts in whatever they accomplish and only look to experts to help them accomplish the task
*their intellectual curiosity drives them and they need to master everything they try when they are very young
at any age they are driven the gain knowledge and show their competency
*they want to live by rules/ consider that others should follow the same rules and value most everything that conforms to rules
*they are logical, dependable, efficient and very willing to work at something that has long term implications
*excellent at removing roadblocks to accomplish their goal or dream or long term project of assignment
*often love a good debate- they would like to change things to fit into what they think things should be
*their play will often imitate the work of the adults around them—
*they often get right to the point when wishing to give someone a difficult message
*they are competitive and like nothing better than to win——if you compete with them and beat them fairly they will respect your skill and knowledge
*definitely planners but they are future planners and organizers
*often decide or move on projects, or preferred activities very, very quickly
*when they are younger they have difficulty putting themselves in another person’s place— they have not yet learned the finer skills of diplomacy, empathy or gentleness
*they seem to be born grown up— they are very competitive and very focused on the task at hand at a very early age
*non-conformists— they have a strong need for independence and a need to explore, investigate, discover


*they may need to learn to train themselves to stop and listen to what classmates or teachers are saying—they need to at least consider making peoples feelings as important as their need to decide or direct things—they can be too judgemental
*once they make a decision they may not be willing to change or alter the decision they could make a momentous mistake by sticking to their original decision
*when they are young they may take on projects that are too big or difficult for them to realistically handle
*if they are in conflict they tend to state opinions tactlessly which might alienate friends of teachers
may come on too strong ( bulldozer)
*can be impatient with others
*they often need to bottle up their impatience towards others and themselves and approach in a different way
*they could be too decisive and they may sometimes decide before they are able to get enough information
*if they ever have a moment of self-double they immediately dismiss the feeling as illogical
*they are often very removed from emotions so they may unknowingly be blunt, overly critical or insensitive when giving a message to fellow classmates or their instructors
*they may not express appreciation or thankfulness when helped or when others have done a good job
may overlook practical considerations


*quick, confident,decisive
*they make decisions based on principles that are immediately obvious to them
*outgoing, talkative and very active
*value their education as a way of progressing
*they are very strong willed individuals
*they seem to be able to balance an impressive number of projects, assignments, extra-curricular activities and many friends
*they have an uncanny ability to size up others quickly and accurately
*they have the ability to look beyond the present— consider future possibilities
*they are strong, independent, intellectual and confident
*they can be ingenious and creative problem solvers
*they are often gifted performers or creators of imaginative ideas
* they need to have goals for everything i.e. how many math problems they can complete, how many 95% papers they can produce, how many baskets they can sink, how many friend they can make