Modern Family



TV Program. NCIS

ESFP : Abby Scuito most charming forsensic scientist to grace a lab.



Abby is described in the series and by her counterparts as the happiest, most charming goth you will ever meet. She loves life, her co-workers and the victims she works tirelessly to help…..She never misses a detail and her need for caffeine, her hugs, her stuffed animal work friends and her ability to see the most minute clue makes her one of the best forensic scientist in her field as well as by far the most charming. She has a special bond with many of her SP counterparts. She never disappoints and works long, long hours solving complex puzzles to give the humans she loves answers to very devastating questions. She blasts her music,drinks CAFE POW, dances and hugs her way through her very serious, often heartbreaking job.

Like Cheryl from Miss Congeniality Abby hurts on behalf of others. They are two beautifully drawn ESFP’s

EPISODES to clarify type


MOVIE: Miss Congeneality



Cheryl is kind, charming , loving, sweet, naive and  full of life. She is respectful of everyone. She often misses mean spirited comments by others as her kindness can’t seem to comprehend that depth of sarcasm or meanness. She hurts  on behalf of others!!! She sees Gracie is ostracized and  that she has never been to a  Beauty Pagent before so she befriends and helps her.  She is funny, literal and exceptionally helpful to all her fellow contestants. Gracie is her pet project and she tries to include her and guide her with charm and caring concern.

TV Program: Big Bang Theory

ESFP : PENNY, waitress at the Cheesecake Factory, potential actress


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TV Program: Downton Abbey

ESFP : Rose charming socialite who craves freedom from tradition


To clarify type we see she is described


TV Program: Foyles War

ESFP: SAM (Samantha)



Movie: Legally Blond

ESFP: ELLE WOODS the ultimate ESFP a friend to everyone she meets, naive and full of life