TV Program: NCIS

ISTP Jethro Gibbs


Gibbs is described as by his


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TV Program:  Person of Interest

ISTP John Reese


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ISTP  Happy


Happy speaks for herself ( if she considers that speech is absolutely necessary). She trusts machines much more than people.

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MOVIE: Bridge of Spies

ISTP: Rudolf Abel Russian Spy exchanged for U-2 pilot Garry Powers ( biographical)


Caution & disclaimer: It is unwise to try to identify the personality type of a real person without their consent or allowing them to identify their own type or agree to the characteristics identified ,however, given the clear set of characteristics articulated in the movie  we can ??? identify the traits of the movie character Rudolph Abel. Because the trial was so well documented and researched we can assume some of the traits are accurate BUT can only type the movie version understanding the real person has not spoken or been involved with this type activity

He accepts life as it comes. His country is  taken over by the Communist Regime and because of his talent he is recruited to spy and reproduce documents and landmarks for his country. His work is extremely precise and detailed and has a gift for breaking codes. He is an honorable man sent to follow the instructions of his countries leaders.  He has not seen his wife or children in more than 20 years and is exhiled in America in a little apartment producing documents, maps etc. He has learned to follow orders. He loves art and music ( his wife is an artist) but his gift is used to spy leaving him a quiet, reclusive existence in a foreign land. He makes the best of a bad deal and when there is a question of whether, when returned he will be greeted as a hero or failed traitor he is philosophical. When asked whether he is worried about his tenuous circumstances his now famous line is “Would it help???” The ultimate ISTP trait of dealing with the reality as it presents itself and making the best of a bad deal.


ISTP Kate Beckett

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