routine, loyalty, literal scheduled,organized, serious, super dependable, hierarchical, consistent, duty, super dependable,analytical,impersonal, decisive, follow through, practical, conservative,private,steadfast, extreme loyalty, consistent, private, quiet, duty, organized,logical,schedule,pessimist,responsibility
traditional,logical, hierarchical, legalistic, realistic, doom and gloom
systematic, obligations, rules, should & should not


  • strongly determined to do things in an efficient and practical manner
  • like to organize their tasks and complete them one at a time—they prefer to complete one before beginning a new task—very decisive
  • they respect authority and tradition although they are very independent
  • they can be perfectionists in all areas of their lives including their appearance, personal habits, friendships, coping (or not) with life strategies, time and scheduling expectations
  • they have rigid expectations ( good or bad) for what they must control, what friends and family should do, when people should call, how others should act, what is right and proper
  • they value honesty and accuracy so feel compelled to share their honest opinion at times when peers or parents or teachers might not appreciate hearing their views- they feel they are helping but others may have a different view of their accurate assessment ( often as they age they learn how to be more tactful)
    do favor the tried and true
  • they would like a formula for success to help them meet their goals or would like to create a formula to govern most everything they do, once the formula has been created they stick to i
  • they are drawn to very concrete and structured outcomes
    they seek settings that require thoroughness and careful precision (to the extreme)
  • their ideal setting has a minimum number of interruptions offering quiet solitude
  • they believe in the values of duty, honor, economy, service, love of family and responsibility for oneself—they agree in the motto “use it up, wear it out,make it do or do without and especially be on time
  • their sense of what was fair and right is strong and the value common sense and doing ones duty
  • their word is their bond, loyalty is valued about all things
    they will rarely,if ever fail to meet a deadline or have incomplete assignments/completion and deadlines are very important to the ISTJ they are a commitments to be honoured
  • they are thorough, decisive, serious,conscientious,meticulous and persistent
  • like to have things decided
  • from an early age they are often very good with money, know how to save and are responsible with their finances from their allowance to their after school jobs
  • they expect very definitive answers from authority figures
  • practical, logical and organized— often described as the most responsible of all types
  • extremely patient with their work, following rules, directions and procedures to the letter but they are often not as patient with people in the same environment
  • have a dry sense of humor


  • teens may appear to have more narrow interests and rigid style that a more mature individual of the same type
  • although their ability to focus is one of their greatest strengths they may become single-minded is their focus and end up becoming inflexible or stubborn if they are too focused on an opinion or they way to do a task
  • their view of most situations will be very black or white— very little grey
  • they often express unhappiness at their own stress levels but may be unwilling to examine or adjust their own rigid standards governing their coping style
  • they often want an instant solution
  • even a gentle nudge from an outsider may cause an ISTJ to dig in deeper
  • may not always be comfortable probing their inner motivation and feelings
  • they may be so dutiful that they forget to have fun and they can be so sensible they forget to use their imaginations
  • can be driven and impatient and obsessive
  • may have difficulty letting go and having fun
  • tend to focus on what is at odds with their environment or situation
  • they are not always interested in the overall picture of a subject or a unifying theme


  • logical, intellectual—deep sense of integrity
  • have phenomenal mental data banks—- incredible memory banks for data to solve problems—-will use data to define a problems and prove a solution
  • gifted at making decisions quickly, they plan, organize and follow through
  • they have the gift of responsibility and duty—-always do what ought to be done—it is the right thing to do
  • extremely fair and just
  • extremely responsible- schedules and commitments
  • they are very hard workers and are willing to take on responsibilities often far beyond their years
  • are able to make those tough decisions other types at times have difficulty making
  • they are very practical and have a great deal of common sense which is not always that common
  • they can always be counted on to do what has to be done
  • often are able to convince others to assist them make the goals for their projects complete because of their thorough, planned, organized approach to their tasks
  • have a wrong desire to serve their community— they are often school or team or community leaders— they do their duty
    work comes before play