ENFJ: Martha Rodgers (Actress, Diva, Doting Mother and Grandmother)

Version 2

TV PROGRAM :Midsomer Murders

ENFJ: Cully Barnaby,  supportive daughter, drama student and budding actress



ENFJ : Jimmy Palmer,forensic scientist/pathologist in training


Jimmy Palmer is the charming, effusive assistant to the head forensic pathologist DR. Mallard.  Palmer is utterly fascinated with all the activities he is learning. He is always so happy at a crime scene but he too often chats happily while working on the dead body at the crime scene. He often jokes and sees the odd humor and irony of many of the crimes and situations.  Ducky ( Mallard) needs to reign in his happy enthusiasm especially when they begin the autopsy on the victim. His love of his job and enthusiasm to learn everything he can from Ducky and about the crime endears him to all( even if his chatty enthusiasm overwhelms them at times)  His heart is in the right place