artistic, boundaries, perfectionism, unique, inner life, depth, dreamer, creative, motivators, empathy, conscientious, orderly,organized, artistic, boundaries, perfectionism, unique, inner life, depth, dreamer, creative, motivators, empathy, conscientious, orderly,organized


*love coming up with new ideas, new theories,new understandings about people—- for the common good— they are very original and always searching for new interpretations and new possibilities
*often described as the rarest of the 16 types— they often have a heightened sense of peace, wholeness, and satisfaction
*naturally organized— they are able to do whatever they need to do to make their visions or dreams come to
sensitive to others needs
*they want their vision to help others, they have great skill in working with people and they are willing to work hard in an efficiently organized manner
*they are often very dreamy and quiet individuals
*with very close friends or family they will share extensively
*even as very young children they are able to plan ahead but they may sometimes make decision without the proper data
*may look for motivation from some external source
*they are very complex personalities and this complexity can even puzzle them
*shy away from conflict—-it is troublesome to their psyche
*like people on a one-on-one basis they have strong friendships—but they have a small group of loyal friends
*motivated by approval and acceptance of ideas
*they will always find some way to use their intuition
*they allow those closest to them to have a great deal of influence over their emotions
*need to establish meaningful goals
*strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others
*they have a depth of understanding that is complicated
*need some structure, some security and status
*they are able to read emotional expressions and body language
*they are excellent at reading, understanding and relating to other people
*see and try to find the purpose and connections behind everything they do
*believe everything they experience fits into the big picture i.e…. random ideas, good relationships, their potential impact on others
*are usually able to see their vision through to the realization stage


*they are easily hurt and and very aware of their own needs and the needs of others
*even when very young they have insights beyond their years about the world and human relationships — this can be very troubling if they do not have the age or maturity to handle those insights
*must be very careful if they are surrounded by individuals who are negative—-
*they may have a tendency to show some signs of perfectionism
*they can be crushed by too much criticism, causing them to be less confident, possibly very unhappy or even physically ill
*can be blinded by idealism— they can hold on to the ideal so long and stay committed to it —— they ignore the facts before their eyes—they can be overlooked or underestimated if they get caught in their own heads or vision——neglect to vocalize their ideas or needs
*they are certainly able to be in extraverted roles but a a great expense of energy and much needed time alone between times
*they will overlook obstacles no matter how major when they have a goal or a vision in mind—

* they may overlook significant details and data that are supportive for their vision or that support the opposite and question the viability of it
*may give up an excellent idea if there is a great deal of opposition
*conflict or pressure sends them deep within themselves ie.a strong fear of disapproval from family etc. —-importance to belong to whatever group they connect with
*their energy may get tied up in an internal struggle which would negate the potential possibilities they are able to see
*if they are subject to a hostile, unfriendly situation or constant criticism—- they tend to lose confidence, become unhappy or even become physically ill
*they may struggle with bouts of depression
*can at times ( especially when very young) appear to be melodramatic, opinionated or quite close minded——
may not always make a distinction between the dream state and reality——nightmares are very terrifying for this type— believe dream analysis is so interesting and essential ( be very, very careful with violent video games or horror movies etc)
*when emotionally under stress they need the help and assistance of others
*can be tortured souls and this can cause them to be restless, moody or pessimistic—- they will then bring an intensity to their interactions
*they can become overly dramatic, may exaggerate or draw irrational conclusions


*they are persevering—- they have an excellent single minded concentration until their vision or ideas come to fruition……..
*work well one on one— often described as wise at a very young age
*trust their intuition— they have vivid and very private imaginations—dreamy and etherial
*they practice diplomacy
*they have a rich inner life which is complex and deep
*they may be very good listeners
*they can be compassionate, empathetic, intense and curious
*when they commit to a goal they have great determination
*may end up advising their friends, siblings and often adults in their lives from an early age
*they do trust their own judgments and insights—very able to read people and evaluate their motives ( hidden or underlying)—- very early on in their lives—-
*love to help others, their friends, family members, teachers or humanity in general—these can become life long causes
*strength of intuition— so strong it often isolates them from the reality of their world and the people they value in that world
*see people in two ways the public person and the inner person— they read into their motives and actions and intentions
*have a more intimate relationship with the working of what is usually considered the unconscious mind
*they are able to identify the patterns that underpin most of our very complex human relationships